Better Back Curve – Re-aligner

IF YOU (or your clients) SUFFER WITH

  • Lower, mid or upper back pain
  • Poor posture
  • Pain after walking or standing
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Spine compression
  • Inflexibility

“An excellent, comfortable lumbar stretch – I can’t live without it!”

Great for athletes, office workers and manual laborers.

Perfect addition to any physical therapy clinic or gym.

Why pills?

Why surgery?

Give your clients a comfortable, natural, safe and powerful solution to back pain and poor posture


Standing: Poor Posture
Observe the poor standing posture
Standing: Good Posture
Observe the good standing posture

Resized Back Curve

Heals Multiple Ailments At Once

The Better Back Curve is expertly designed to target the muscles that are responsible for back pain and poor posture, stretching the anterior muscles of the chest and shoulders.

Additionally, the Better Back Curve is proven to mobilize the thoracic spine, greatly improving flexibility in this area.

The Better Back Curve will also increase flexibility in the pelvic region, allowing you or your patients more upper-body mobility and comfort.

Industrial Strength, Cosy Comfort

Unlike uncomfortable back stretchers of the past, the Better Back Curve is made out of premium polyethylene and is fully UV resistant. It weighs approximately 1.0kg with a high-quality, durable design suitable for gyms, therapy clinics, offices, or at home.

Join the Hundreds of Therapists Who Offer This 100% Natural Solution To Their Clients

Many happy Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors throughout Australia help patients improve posture and decrease back pain with the Better Back Curve.

Just laying your patient on the Better Back Curve can work through the pectorals, anterior shoulder musculature and abdominal region. This will increase extension and rotation of the thoracic spine. The results are instant comfort, improved flexibility, and better posture.

The Better Back Curve’s streamlined design makes it an easy addition to any office or gym – it fits in a standard gym bag, is hypo-allergenic and painless to maintain.

Unnatural Solutions Cost Thousands

Get The Better Back Curve Now for $125

Many patients simply can’t afford extensive treatments for back pain and poor posture. On top fo that, the thought of surgery, acupuncture, or medications may be scary to many of your clients.

Now you can offer these clients an effective, comfortable, and inexpensive solution that naturally stretches the back and chest to relieve pain and enhance flexibility.

Unlike the thousands that surgeries and medications cost, the retail value of the Better Back Curve is $999, one time. But to extend a special discount to professionals and therapists, you’ll order the Better Back Curve right now for $125 + shipping – and your Better Back Curve is completely guaranteed, or your money back.

Retail Value: $999

Special for professionals: $125 + Shipping Click Now To Access

Money back guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Better Back Curve, return it within 60 days for a full refund. Invest in the Better Back Curve right now with absolutely no risk.

Try Out The Better Back Curve Now

Available in Three Colours

Blue Marble
Grey Marble
Purple Marble


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