News About Diverticulitis From a Sufferer

Definition by Mayo Clinic Staff- Diverticulitis occurs when one or more diverticula in your digestive tract becomes inflamed or infected.

Do you have unexplained stomach pain that also keeps you headed to the bathroom frequently? Do you think your stomach will explode if the pain doesn’t stop? Do you experience sharp pains stabbing trough your stomach like a knife. You are not alone!

I suffer from a disease called Diverticulitis, and it is scary. I’m having trouble as we speak. If my diverticulitis symptoms don’t subside tomorrow, I’m making an appointment to see my doctor. You don’t want to ignore what happened to me a year ago.

I had suffered for 3-4 day with sharp pains on my left side. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t help but scream for about a minute straight.  I would be able to rest for about 15 before the next attack came upon me.

Don’t wait as long as I did to seek professional help. After the doctor saw me, she knew right away what was wrong. She scheduled a blood test and told me I couldn’t move until the result was in. I was lucky, the blood test turned out alright.

The diet I was put on was dreadful; however necessary. I had to eat nothing but broth and Jello the first three days. After those three days were over I graduated to eating chicken noodle soup, and Jello, and yogurt. The next three days I could start eating cream of potato soup, and all of the other foods mentioned in the first days of flare-up

The doctor put me on Flagyl. This is an antibiotic that I feel saved me from having surgery. My doctor scheduled an ultrasound after I had taken a certain amount of the Flagyl, to see if my lesions were healing. The results came in after I had obeyed my doctor’s order to the tee. My lesions were healing, and I didn’t need surgery.

I’ve been having trouble for over a week thinking it had to be something else. The only thing I’m not doing yet is screaming. It’s like having labor pains, but extremely worse, and nothing to show for it. Ask anyone who has ever experienced this type of pain, and I’m sure they will say it tops labor pains.

My doctor put me on Flagyl once again, and Bentyl which helps with with intestinal spasms. These two medicine combined are great for helping the healing progress. Eat what your doctor recommends. Stick to this diet very carefully

My grandma had this intestinal disease also. I want to share with you a story that is shocking; however will help you understand how serious this disease can become.

One day while I was in her room, she passed out and blood went all over the floor. I want to emphasize on the blood amount. It was quite large. I was only in the 8thgrade so I was even more shocked. My mother came into her room when she heard me call for help. I told my mother I thought she was dead. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and she made a slight noise. I cried out in excitement. “She’s alive!”’ Next, the parametric came and took her to the hospital. Her doctor told us that many younger people that suffer from the same disease might have died because of how much blood she lost.

I had so much pain the last time I had an attack I was afraid what happened to her would happen to me. I ate something I shouldn’t have yesterday and it’s making my healing process slow down. I must be careful if I hope to recover sooner.

One of the links below is all about natural treatment options. This shouldn’t be considered if a person is having a traumatic episode. Always talk to your doctor and get the green light before trying more natural options.

I used to take a natural supplement to help this condition and it worked very well. Didn’t have an episode until I ran out. I wonder if my latest attack would have flared if I’d still be on it.

The severe pains have stopped; however I must remember not to over eat even though I feel hungry. Even when the body is healed remember that certain foods may trigger another attack. These foods are:




I’ve heard from doctors that you may be able to eat strawberries if you aren’t bouting. I would be safe though and ask your doctor to be sure. This condition can become serious very quickly.

Take care of your health by listening, and doing as your doctor advices. You don’t want to go through this again once our healed. Believe me!

Written by JennyHeart