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Soft tissues are more prone to chronic as well as acute injuries. The most appropriate method of repairing damaged soft tissues is by using hands-on method. Talk to a chiropractor, an osteopath, a physiotherapist or a massage therapist since they are aware of the method of influencing the soft tissues and activating them.

Those who haven’t availed of Massage Therapy are reluctant to use it and they normally become nervous. Generally, patients continue asking questions such as whether they have to remove their clothes, whether they should consult the massage therapist, or the action to take if they feel uncomfortable. These are normal questions which must be answered immediately.

First, search for a local massage therapist. Get references from your family or friends or visit the various massage clinics in your area. After you manage to locate a massage clinic, spend time consulting with the therapist.

You have to give certain important details regarding your health and your present health problems. This is because the therapist has to investigate your problem, so as to select the appropriate methods for you, in order to guarantee your safety and Relieve muscle ache.

Besides personal details, you will also have to state your preference for the actual therapy. The therapist will attempt to fulfill all your preferences, so that you are comfortable. Normally, lavender, cajeput, and tea tree oils are used, but you can choose from amongst the fragrant oils. These oils are used to calm irritations and swellings. They also desensitize enter the nerve endings, thus reducing pain. In case, the therapist doesn’t question you, you are free to ask your doubts and likings.

Another issue is removing clothes.

Therapists prefer the patient is unclothed, as it lets them easily access various parts of the body. But if you are uneasy about this condition, discuss it with your therapist. Moreover you won’t have to show off your entire body, as you will be draped. But if you prefer wearing clothes, ensure they are loose to let the therapist easily access the affected parts of your body.

You just have to lie down on the massage table. However at times, you may be asked to shift to provide better access to the part being massaged. But if this position causes you unease, let your therapist know immediately.

While the therapy is on, you can chat with the therapist or keep quiet. While shifting positions, there may be a need to converse but otherwise you can remain silent. Don’t fret if after the therapy, your body is oily. The therapist will assist you in cleaning these oils to prevent them from dirtying your clothes.

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