Painsolv – Natural Pain Relief

Article by Suzanne Barrett

Painsolv is a new device designed for treating aches and pains safely. It works by emitting a pulsed electromagnetic wave which painlessly penetrates the tissues of the body helping to ease pain. It has been granted the status of a Class II Medical Device.

Painsolv has three different settings which vary in intensity, duration or frequency. This enables the user to use the device for either varying pain levels, or different types of pain. It is very simple to use. One of the features of this device is the fact that it can be used by either applying it directly to the skin or even through clothing or medical dressings such as bandages, plaster casts or topical treatments.

The treatment itself is completely painless and has no known side effects. The only time you may feel a sensation is when the Painsolv is used on a wound such as a leg ulcer or a laceration where increased blood flow may lead to a tingling sensation.

Size wise, the device easily fits in the hand and is therefore very portable. It features a rechargeable power system and comes supplied with an adapter. Just one charge gives enough power for at least two treatments a day for up to a month before you will need to recharge again, which means it can be taken on business trips and holidays. In many ways, it is just like recharging your mobile phone!

The Painsolv works by encouraging the body’s own healing capabilities by enhancing the efficiency of the body to introduce essential chemicals and proteins in the blood stream and by increasing the oxygen content of your blood. This speeds up the process whereby the chemicals and proteins are transported around the body, thus speeding up healing and combating various painful conditions. In addition to this, the production of natural antioxidants is increased, thus combating free radicals which are known to cause major damage to our health, including major diseases.

If you would like further information about this product including details of where you can buy it in the UK at a discounted price, please visit Painsolv.

Suzanne writes about a range of health products.

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