Natural hemorrhoid pain relief

Do you feel pain whenever you pass out stools? Possibly, you have hemorrhoids. If you are not one hundred percent sure that you have hemorrhoids, listed below are some of the most common symtoms of hemorrhoids:

·  Itchiness and burning sensation around the anus
·  Feeling of not able to relieve during bowel movements
·  Bloody stools
·  Lump at the opening of the anus

Do not worry because hemorrhoids are not disease but rather a disorder. Hemorrhoids are not infectious but rather they are the condition of the veins around the muscular wall inside the anus. They were damaged because of tremendous pressure often they went through. The veins inside the anal region is the strongest among the veins in the body since they can stand tremendous pressure. However, because of frequent tremendous pressure the veins become dilated.

There are so many factors that cause hemorrhoids.

These are:
·  Straining during bowel movement
·  Pregnancy
·  Obesity
·  Sitting or standing for long periods of time
·  Constipation due to inadequate intake of fiber and water.
·  Anal sex
·  Weak blood veins due to old age
·  Hereditary.

Medical research shows  that few cases of hemorrhoids are hereditary. They were born with weak muscle wall that surrounds inside the anus. Once the veins in this area encountered tremendous pressure they cannot withhold it and most likely to become dilated.

Hemorrhoids are not deadly and some cases do not need medical interventions. There are cases hemorrhoids would heal on their on in a few weeks time, just as long you do necessary precautions in order to prevent them from worsening.  

Cited below are the things you can do to manage hemorrhoids:
·  Add fiber in your diet like fruits and vegetables.
·  Do regular exercise everyday to improve digestion.
·  Whenever you feel to defecate, do not strain it. Because if the urge subsides there is a tendency that your stool will become dry and you will be having trouble to defecate.
·  Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

If the symptoms are getting painful and discomforting, you can try first some of the home remedies to alleviate the pain. These are:
·  Stiz bath or hot bath
·  Ice packs directly applied to the affected area to relieve swelling and pain
·  Aloe Vera
·  Butcher’s broom
·  Witch hazel
·  Calendula
·  Barberry
·  Horse chestnut

Hemorrhoids are common disorder and there is nothing you can worry about. However, the symptoms are very painful and discomforting. If the hemorrhoid does not improve in self-care and it seems its getting worse, you should seek medical help.

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